In our Aberdeen and Shire South branch, team members Adele and Susan took on Cornerstone’s 42 for 42 fundraising challenge in February, alongside the people they support.  

“There’s been about ten of us.” Adele explained. “We have about four regulars who walk to and from home to the hub and then we go from the hub around the town and things.” 

Each of the people who have taken part in the daily walks averaged a mile and a half to two miles per day with an impressive variety of ways in which those miles were clocked - some walking, some on wheelchairs and others cycling. One of the people Adele supports has even been logging miles while caddying for her mum and Adele’s golf games! 

“We also have therapy pets in the service which is also a big motivator,” Adele explains. “The people we support will walk or cycle to the hub and then when it’s time for Rudi’s ‘break’ everyone who wants to come will come with us for a dog walk along the boardwalk.” 

The team are very lucky that their hub sits at such a scenic part of Stonehaven. They are close enough to the sea that beach combing has made up part of their 42 miles. “We’ve been going to the beach and picking up sea glass and driftwood and bits and pieces like that.” 

Sometimes, the walking group even has the privilege of learning a bit about the town’s history. Team member, Susan is incredibly knowledgeable about Stonehaven and has her own Walking Group called “Fawlty Towers,” that specialises in sharing Stonehaven’s history.  

In addition to the nearby beach, the people Adele and Susan supports have also been motivated by celebratory ice-creams and a trip to the bowling club for a game of pool!  

Great job everyone! 

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