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  • Can a Transformational Business Model Address the Care Sector Crisis?

    23 Aug 2019

    The Local Cornerstone year two evaluation report was published this week. We reflect on how becoming self organising has influenced the way our teams give support, amid the ongoing pressures facing the social care sector.

  • My Cornerstone Experience: Hannah Reynolds

    22 Aug 2019

    We caught up with our very own Hannah to find out how she is enjoying working on My Cornerstone Experience. The process ensures the people we support live a valued life, in line with the five Health & Social Care Standards.

  • Stay Up Late Campaign

    07 Aug 2019

    Stay Up Late Scotland is a group of people who believe that everyone should have the right to a good social life, whether they get support or not. Their campaign aims to help those affected by the hours that support is given up until.

  • Heather's New Beginnings

    31 Jul 2019

    We recently caught up with Heather of the New Beginnings Café. She gave us the lowdown on how the café has helped her, plus all of the reasons that she loves about working there. Let's see what she had to say...

  • Becoming a Local Care and Support Team (LCAST)

    29 Jul 2019

    LCAST Wardend is a self managing, Local Care and Support team of a Housing Support Service with Cornerstone based in Elgin, Moray. They are currently pioneering a change in the social care sector through empowerment, collaboration and innovation.

  • What Is Coaching Culture and Why Is It Important in Cornerstone?

    11 Jun 2019

    During organisational change that saw Cornerstone move to a self-organised structure, we've embraced a coaching culture that has helped colleagues flourish. Find out more about our journey so far.

  • Turn the Ship Around

    29 May 2019

    Aberdeen based team member, Chris Barker, talks about his recent experience at a Vistage event where he stepped outside his comfort zone and met lots of new and interesting people, including Cornerstone CEO, Edel Harris.

  • Investing in Your Ideas

    01 May 2019

    The Lens event was an inspirational day and really left me proud of not only the passion for the work we do but also of the depth of planning and research that went into the pitches.

  • The Local Impact of Technology Enabled Care

    25 Apr 2019

    Through Local Cornerstone, the Scottish care and support provider Cornerstone is developing self-organised teams where staff are supported by coaching and mentoring, rather than management and supervision.

  • Thriving on Sabbatical

    18 Apr 2019

    Cornerstone CEO, Edel Harris, talks about her recent trip to the other side of the world and how a sabbatical can work wonders for your health and well-being.

  • Why Local Matters at Cornerstone

    14 Mar 2019

    Local means something different to all of us. For me, it’s that my favourite local café owner knows I prefer a latte to a cappuccino.

  • Are We Expecting Too Much?

    22 Aug 2018

    There is no getting away from it – things in social care are challenging and it seems they are getting worse . Here, Edel Harris, Cornerstone CEO tells us her views on some of these challenges facing the sector.