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Carole Cracks the Case

02 Sep 2019

Carole had her suspicions about the whole situation, call it gut feeling or call it intuition, everything was not as it seemed at this household…


Canalside is a day service in Wester Hailes, Edinburgh primarily caring for those with early-stage dementia. There are lots of different activities on offer, including but not limited to; pamper sessions, music groups, quizzes and baking. The team of dedicated and professional staff are committed to providing the highest quality support and assistance, helping people to achieve their individual goals, aspirations and personal outcomes. They always look to adopt a person centred approach to when planning to support an individual and this is reviewed on a regular basis.

Carole Mason, from Saughton, Edinburgh is a regular visitor to Canalside. She recently celebrated her 79th birthday and notes that she is still as ‘bright and gorgeous’ as ever, insisting that we wrote that down.


'oor Carole heard of Canalside a few months ago, telling us “I am in the house on my own which can get a bit lonely at times, I thought it would be nice to meet some new faces and have a right good blether. I have been visiting for a few months now and never regretted it”. A beautiful friendship has been since struck up between Carole and her now very good friend Jean. They enjoy many activities at the service such as simply having a wee chinwag, fun group activities and heading out on some exciting excursions. Before Carole retired, she had worked as a benefits assessor and told us a very funny story…

There was a certain claimant whom Carole had been dealing with, and she felt something wasn’t quite right about the whole situation. The woman had claimed that she was living alone with her four-year-old daughter and there was no partner there to support them.

Carole had her suspicions about the whole situation, call it gut feeling or call it intuition, everything was not as it seemed at this household…

The following day, Carole got in touch with a visiting officer to go check out the property and nicely ask the young woman some questions. The officer went out on two separate occasions and both times concluded that the only occupants of the property were the young woman and her daughter. Much to the dismay of Carole’s suspicions.

Now, you could say that Carole was very ‘analytical’ or ‘thorough’, asking the officer if he had checked the toilets as this is what she would have done. To which he replied... “Of course not, I could tell just by talking to her that she was telling the truth”, but Carole had a sneaky suspicion that the officer had a bit of admiration for said claimant and his conclusion may have been somewhat clouded as a result of this.

She asked the officer to pop by one more time and visit the claimant, with him exclaiming… “Do you not think I am doing my job correctly!?” To which she replied, “I never said that, you did”. She called on a favour owed and the officer went out to the household one last time.

When he arrived at the property for the final time, it was clear that the woman was getting a bit irate with him visiting so much. The woman’s daughter was in the lounge playing with her toys and had asked the gentleman why he was coming round all of the time. He told her that it was due to matters between himself and her mother. The little girl then went on to say… “Well I don’t think that my mummy is best pleased with you. My daddy is upstairs in his bed sleeping and if she keeps shouting then it will surely wake him up. If he has to come down and speak to you I don’t think he’ll be very happy”. Needless to say, the very ‘inquisitive’ and ‘persistent’ Carole was right all along.

Moral of the story? You can never pull the wool over Detective Mason’s eyes!