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Winning the Cornerstone Ambassador Award

13 Nov 2019

The Cornerstone Awards, celebrating colleagues, volunteers, and people we support, was recently held at the Marcliffe Hotel in Aberdeen on Thursday 31 October.

The Ambassador Award, which recognises local champions who have provided significant support to our charitable work, was awarded to nine year old Ben, who loves spending time with the people we support as well as helping out with his mum who works as a support worker at our Abbotswell service.

When we caught up with Ben to ask him how he was feeling after his well-deserved win, he told us, “I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard my name being called out as the winner of the Cornerstone Ambassador Award. It was amazing! I am really proud to have won this award. I love fundraising for Cornerstone and the guys at the service where my mum works. One of the best days I had fundraising was when we all went to our local Asda to bag pack. The guys from mum’s service went too and we had a great time. I helped pack shopping into bags and also helped anyone who didn’t want their bags packed to take their shopping out of the basket on to the belt instead. I told them all about Cornerstone whilst I packed and even some people who didn’t have any cash went to get some to put in my bucket. The manager of the service phoned me afterwards and thanked me for helping out, which was awesome!

“I like selling raffle tickets too - only to our friends and family though - my mum won’t let me knock on strangers doors!

“I also asked mum to come to my school to tell my classmates all about being a support worker with Cornerstone. My friends asked her about what she liked about her job and she said helping the people she supports and seeing a smile on their faces.

“I still can’t believe I have won, after all I was just doing something I like doing; helping people. At the awards they said that they had heard I even wear my Cornerstone T-shirt in bed. It’s true. I do!”

Congratulations Ben!