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Gender Pay Gap Statement

26 Feb 2019

Gender Pay Gap header

As Cornerstone employs more than 250 colleagues, it is required to comply with government regulations on gender pay gap reporting by publishing details of its gender pay gap, specifically the difference in average female earnings compared to average male earnings. 

The data shows:

 Difference in Mean Pay
- 0.43%                                                                               

Difference in Median Pay                                                            

Mean Bonus Gender Pay Gap
Not Applicable                                               

Median Bonus Gender Pay Gap                                              
Not Applicable                                                                 

Percentage Who Receive a Bonus                                                           
Not Applicable                                      

Salary Quartiles                 % Female            % Male                

Lower Quartile                    74.7%                  25.3%                  

Lower Middle  Quartile      80.8%                  19.2%                   

Upper Middle Quartile       81.2%                  18.8%                   

Upper Quartile                     79.6%                 20.4%                   

 Total                                       79.1%               20.9%

Summary from the Leadership Team at Cornerstone

The data shows that there is no gender pay gap in Cornerstone; in fact females on average earn more than males in Cornerstone.  This is due to employing around 80 % females who are represented at all levels of our organisation. We appoint on merit and our values, regardless of age, race, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or religion and belief; and will continue to ensure that equal pay and opportunities are promoted, and that all colleagues are treated fairly, living up to our values.