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“As part of our Give & Gain a day commitment this year, the Glasgow Lloyds TSB HP team decided to take on more physical tasks!

We chose Cornerstone to spend the day with and had a great response in the office with 23 people volunteering to give their charity day to this cause. We were in contact with Sue at the charity who was very helpful in accommodating such a large group of volunteers. She presented us with various projects and it was decided that we would split into two teams to complete two projects. The first project was to paint a house in Coatbridge and the second project was to work on the garden at a house in Bridgeton.

The painting was carried out in a house used by support staff who care for people with learning difficulties in the houses next door. This is where many of the staff stay overnight on 24hr shifts and is also used as an office where administrative work is done. The property consists of a kitchen, an office, a bedroom and a bathroom and this presented our volunteers with plenty of painting and decorating! Ten staff across two days worked hard to finish this challenging task and the staff were very appreciative of their efforts to make their work place more amiable.

The second task was outdoors and we had two lovely days of sunshine as the other 13 staff worked to tidy up and enhance an already decent sized, inner-city garden. In the gardens (front and back) we sheared hedges, mowed the lawn, painted the fences and stripped ivy off the wall! This area was vital to the support staff on a nice day as it is a cheap and easy way for them to keep the residents of the house entertained and occupied. We planted seeds and flowers for them to care for around the garden and we hope they get good use of that in the summer months.

This year's project received great support and the feedback from the team was one of great pride and achievement in helping out a local charity. We also managed to raise a £120 donation from our dress down days which was given to Cornerstone Connect, an offshoot of the main charity. These funds will go towards running several activities for the supported adults and children.

Thanks to everyone that was involved.”

Alasdair Munro, Deal Management Administrator

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