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David is Going the Extra Mile for George

“George receives 60 hours of care for Cornerstone and I see him for 35 hours of these, and support George to live in his own home.  

During the lockdown, my colleague had to take time off, and I made the decision to support George myself as George would find it really challenging not knowing what was going on, and who was coming to see him on any given day. I ended up working a lot of additional hours to make sure George was still getting the same level of care and support despite having a smaller team.  

It’s been really difficult with the lockdown because George just loves to get out. He’s one of these guys that loves to see people and be doing things. He’s a season ticket holder for Motherwell and loves going to the matches so he’s really missed those.

David and George at Christmas

George is at really high risk if he catches Coronavirus due to his underlying health problems so we had to be really careful about what we could do. George has really adapted well to the changes for the most part but there have been a few instances where it’s been difficult, and his behaviour has been affected by the lockdowns. It’s getting better now with restrictions easing but last year was hard going for me at times.  

It was a big demand on my time, but I did it for George.  

I think we’ve formed a pretty good friendship more than anything now. Like any friendship, we always wind each other up and get on each other’s nerves but that’s just life, and I don’t think we’d have it any other way. I live myself but actually, with the lockdown, I was really glad that I had the time to step up and support George. He’s a really fun person and even when it was stressful, I was still able to have a good laugh with him.” 

We want our Support Workers to have the best possible support to enable them to do this.  It costs just £10.00 to support someone with learning disabilities or autism to take part in an activity they love whether physically or virtually.