Highland Fling Bungee Jump

14 August 2016

The Highland Fling Bungee jump in Killiecrankie is a once-in-a-lifetime free-fall experience of 40 metres from the Garry Bridge Bungee jump platform towards the beautiful river beneath. An airborne flight of a few seconds at over 50 mph before a special Bungee jump cord springs you back to normal, upright life!

A safe and unforgettable adrenalin packed experience using the latest technology and safety equipment, led by experienced, qualified Bungee Jump Masters.

Take the plunge for Cornerstone and you'll be doing something truly amazing for the people we support.  Registration costs £20 and we suggest a £150 fundraising target.  £45 of the funds you raise will cover the cost of the event itself.

To book your place, contact our fundraising team on 0141 378 0683, text 07825 050 000 or email fundraising@cornerstone.org.uk

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