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Flora is Going the Extra Mile for Cornerstone

See how Flora went the extra mile for someone vulnerable in your local community of Moray. 

“I work in Cornerstone’s Hay Street Service in Elgin. We support four people there who share the same house. When I joined the team here it was just at the start of the first lockdown. The tenants at my service had such an active schedule before the pandemic, so we had to do something to fill their time and keep them motivated. 

I organised a beach party because the people we support couldn’t get away on holidays. They made up their own passports and we even had one of the staff checking passports on the way into the sitting room that we’d decorated to look like the beach. We sang some summer songs using Makaton. Everyone had sunglasses and hats to wear and we made a huge selfie frame for lots of fun pictures. 

Moray Garland

The big thing we did was the VE day anniversary celebration, so we did the service up in red, white and blue and got a load of flags. Our project leads husband is in the Royal Air Force, so he let us borrow some things like his cap to do a medal presentation for the people we support. We gifted them with their own medals for the things that they are good at – some of them were quite funny. One gentleman we support loves his sleep so there was one for best sleeper! One was great with cars, so he got a medal for his car knowledge.  

It’s very hard because we are trying to protect the people we support and keep them happy at the same time.

Now that everyone’s receiving the vaccine and things are getting back to normal everyone is feeling a bit more settled and optimistic about seeing families and doing things. It’s been a real team effort throughout though. I’ve come up with some ideas but it’s the whole team that has made them possible for the people we support. 

You never really think about care until you see the other side of things but there’s so much that goes into it. This past year or so really was an eye-opener for me because I’ve never been involved in the care sector until now. And I just thought to myself the other week there, I should feel really privileged. I’ve actually learnt a lot from the people we support. I’ve learnt as much from them as they’ve learnt from me. 

I certainly get a lot of satisfaction from my job with Cornerstone but some days I’m glad to get home to my cats knowing the person we’ve supported is properly cared for and happy.”