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Joyce's Story

"I’ve enjoyed coming to Canalside every Thursday for a number of years now. I really look forward to catching up with everyone as well as taking part in some of the fun activities. For me, indoor skittles and bowling are my favourites and I also like to take part in the group quiz; it brings us all together and lets us have a laugh. We certainly don’t take ourselves too seriously!

IMG 9785"In my time, I’ve enjoyed living in some exotic parts of the world such as Australia back when you could get a £10 ticket as part of the Assisted Passage Migration Scheme. I also spent some time in California but decided to come home to Scotland where the weather wasn’t as hot! Because I’ve always enjoyed travel and meeting new people, my weekly visits to Canalside allow me to spend quality time catching up with friends and the Cornerstone staff. Being welcomed with a warm cup of tea and bright smiles is a great way to start my day."