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“My name is Scott, and I’ve been supported by Cornerstone for almost 11 years. Most of those years I was supported at home where I lived with my mum. However in August 2018 I came to live at Moss Cottage in Dumbarton. I really enjoy living at Moss Cottage as there’s a few other men that stay here too, and we do lots of fun things together like going to the mini golf, cinema, and transport museum. I love cars so loved the trip to the museum. I have lots of cars in my room here too and when I moved in I even got to pick the colours of my room which are grey and white. Every weekend we get a takeaway which is something we all look forward to.

Scott 2Photo - Leah (team member Moss Cottage, Scott, and Scott's mum Elspeth.

“One of my best pals at Moss Cottage is Leah (one of Cornerstone’s team members), and sometimes we bake cakes. I even like helping out with the hoovering and mopping up.”

Scott’s mum Elspeth said that “Scott is doing really really well and he’s far more independent since moving into Moss Cottage. Like any big change, it took a little time, but he now loves being there. It was an easy transition. I know how much he has settled in when he told me he’s going to have Christmas dinner with his friends from Moss Cottage this year instead of coming home. The staff have been super, so I can’t thank them enough for helping Scott to settle in so well.”