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Day Opportunities (Canalside)


Canalside is a beautiful, light and spacious day centre overlooking the canal which offers support to adults over 65 living with dementia.  We use a holistic approach, taking in the physical, medical, psychological, emotional and developmental needs of the people we support, offering a range of activities to fit with each individual's current and previous interests, often stimulating memories and skills that have either been lost or forgotten.

Our team of dedicated and professional staff are committed to providing the highest quality support and assisting people to achieve their individual goals, aspirations and personal outcomes. We adopt a person centred approach when planning to support an individual. The people we support have a detailed and up to date personal support plan which is reviewed on a regular basis. We pride ourselves on getting to know the people we support both as they are now and as the person they were in their personal and professional life. We talk to them and their family to get as much of a detailed life story as we can. This enables us to offer activities that fit in with their current and previous interests. Often we stimulate memories and skills that have either been lost or forgotten by the people we are supporting.

For more information on this service, please contact the ASC Team.

t: 0300 131 3333