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Finding a Voice

Funded by the Scottish Government Survivor Support Innovation and Development Fund, Cornerstone’s ‘Finding a Voice’ service was developed to provide a trauma informed, survivor-centred approach to aid individuals age 12+ (male and female) in their recovery from childhood sexual abuse and trauma. The service provides specialist support to individuals with, or without, a learning support need who have experienced sexual abuse and trauma.  We offer structured 1-to-1 emotional support and also support to access employment opportunities and activities which enable individuals to be successfully integrated into the community, increasing confidence and reducing isolation. Our Service delivers a person centred approach and we regularly work in collaboration with the following groups and individuals; criminal justice social work, care managers, psychologists, psychiatrists, police, courts, Lawyers, NHS, social work, counselling services, local authorities and other specialised survivor support agencies.

Through our work we have learned that the model of care varies for each individual accessing the service depending on their needs.  We provide a holistic approach which includes an aftercare support plan. Our experience has taught us that once a survivor has been empowered with the positive coping skills they have developed through 1-to-1 support, they are better able to begin to build healthy relationships. We enable the people we support to develop their social skills within various settings, while being supported by staff who fully understand the challenges they face in the wider community.

In addition to our holistic support services for survivors, we also support perpetrators of sexual abuse. They may have learning support needs, struggle with mental health (either diagnosed or undiagnosed) or have experienced childhood sexual abuse and, in turn, have displayed sexually inappropriate behaviour towards others. This type of support is fundamental to breaking the cycle of abuse. Working with these individuals on a 1-to-1 basis using various communication aids has enabled them to make sense of their own experiences of childhood trauma and understand the appropriate boundaries and acceptable behaviour.  We deliver the service throughout Glasgow and the West of Scotland.

Who do we support?

The ‘Finding a Voice’ project will support both male and female survivors, whom may also be perpetrators, (12+) who may:

  • Have a history of sexual abuse (this could be suspected).
  • Display trauma related behaviour.
  • Display inappropriate sexualised behaviour.
  • Are at risk of sexual harm or exploitation.
  • Have been or at risk of becoming involved in the criminal justice system.

We support both survivors and perpetrators of sexual abuse.

Support is provided in the following ways:

  • Provide long term support for the survivors and perpetrators of sexual abuse (12+).
  • Provide 1-to-1 emotional/pre-therapy support (informal meetings in a quiet room and comfortable safe space).
  • Provide 1-to-1 creative and group therapy sessions.
  • Provide an after care support plan.
  • Provide sexual health and appropriate relationship support.
  • Provide self-esteem and confidence building tools.
  • Provide a service specifically for individuals who have been harmed in childhood and display inappropriate sexualised behaviour, which could pose a risk to themselves and others.
  • Support to access other services as required, signposting and assistance to make appointments and accompany if need be.
  • Education on healthy sexual behaviour - Using games and learning tools that teach and assess levels of understanding about risky sexual behaviour, healthy relationships, safe sexual behaviour, body awareness, and sex and relationship education for individuals with additional support needs.
  • Support to access other services including counselling & support services.
  • Ongoing support, training and advice to staff working with survivors.
  • Networking, develop and establish new partnerships and multi-agency communications. While ‘Finding a Voice’ provides 1-to-1 personalised support, it is also part of a wider network of support for survivors so that individuals can receive the right support, by the right service provider, at the right time.

Please find our referral forms below:

Finding a Voice - Self referral

Finding a Voice - Social work/agency referral

More information & Contact:

Sharon McKinley

m: 07900 741 948