A Magical Experience

A group of five people who are supported by our Cornerstone Connects group, have recently enjoyed a trip to London to visit the Harry Potter Studios. Most of the people supported at the North Lanarkshire service are Harry Potter fans, so it seemed like a good choice for a break away from the norm. They also enjoyed sight-seeing at Buckingham Palace, Westminister and the London Eye. The group even squeezed in a visit to Bubba Gump restaurant and went to see The Lion King musical at the theatre. Phew!

To keep costs down, the group took to the road in their very own Connects bus and two members of staff volunteered to accompany them. They sang songs and got to know each other better on the long journey.

It was a ‘lovely, scorching day’ when they headed to the Harry Potter Studios and the group were each provided with matching t-shirts and goody bags to add to the excitement. They spent the day taking plenty photos and enjoying Butterbeers. For those who aren’t familiar with Harry Potter, Butterbeer is described as a ‘less-sickly version of butterscotch’.

The highlight was getting James, who is partially blind, to sit on the broom in the Green Room, with the wind blowing towards him, making the broom sway from side-to-side. James was able to visualise himself flying through London!

Chloe enthused: “This is best thing I have ever done as I have never been to London.”

Nicola felt the same. She said:  “That was the best trip ever. When can we come back?”

The people we support largely funded the trip themselves. We were delighted to help with little extras such as dinner, tickets and souvenirs to make their trip all the more memorable.

Yasmeen Dean, Support Worker, said:  “There were so many highlights on the trip; it is too hard to choose one. I would like to thank everyone who made this happen and The Cornerstone Foundation team who have given the people we support the best time of their lives through the Quality of Life programme.”


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