Ambassadors making a difference

As we work to grow awareness for our Foundation, our Ambassadors are helping us reach wider audiences and make the most out of our activities.

Ambassadors are individuals who are familiar with the work we do and provide on going support by lending us both their expertise and time. We made these roles available in response to enquires from people who were motivated to help make a difference. From the people already making a difference, the expertise they bring and their reasons for joining vary.

As a photographer, Laura Morgan has used her skills to provide both advice and support to our Foundation:
“My first experience with Cornerstone was when there was supported living accommodation near my mum’s corner shop in Aberdeen. I worked there when I was at school and college, and we had a lot of customers who were supported by Cornerstone coming into the shop to buy their favourite sweets.
“My father also had dementia with Lewy bodies and passed away in 2015.  He lived in a care home and it gave me first-hand experience of how important it is to have high quality care available for people with all types of support needs. Creating a valued life for people is a guiding principle for Cornerstone and one which I strongly believe in; I am more than happy to volunteer my services when I can.”

Debbie Butler participates in and organises events for us while also promoting The Foundation within her networks:
“Becoming an Ambassador for the Cornerstone Foundation was an easy decision for me to make. My younger brother struggled to be accepted in life and live independently due to his complex, physical and social needs. When he died in 2014, it made me re-evaluate my own work/life balance.  I decided to give up my job as a Project Manager to spend more quality time with my family and have the opportunity to give something back to the community using my skills and experience. I chose The Cornerstone Foundation because it helps people like my brother to help themselves and lead a fulfilling life within the community.”

We are looking to grow our number of Ambassadors and would like to invite more people to get involved. We are looking for anyone with knowledge of the work we do and a passion to make a difference.

Would you like to be involved in supporting a worthwhile cause?
Do you have the skills to make a difference?
Would you be proud to be associated with The Cornerstone Foundation?

If you read the above statements and thought ‘yes’ to at least one of them, then becoming an ambassador for The Cornerstone Foundation could be for you.  As an ambassador you could help us reach a much wider audience by representing our Foundation in public, supporting our initiatives, taking a leading role in projects or helping us to tap into new networks.

Judith Tocher, who supported us with our upcoming Art Fair, highlights how in her daily life she can make a big difference as an Ambassador:
“An opportunity to give back to the community by using my experiences and connections to raise awareness of The Cornerstone Foundations is amazing work. As an Ambassador I can make a real difference. Whether it’s while I read a magazine article and think ‘that’s a fundraising idea The Cornerstone Foundation could adopt’; or while meeting a business contact and introducing them to The Foundation so they can become a corporate supporter; or even gathering up girlfriends for a fantastic evening at the next Cornerstone Fizz Friday event!”

If you have the time and would like to make a difference to a good cause, becoming an Ambassador for The Cornerstone Foundation could be a great opportunity for you.
If you are interested and would like more information, please contact Lisa Duthie on 01224 256000 or

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