Beat the Crunch - Donate your old handset to charity

As the credit crunch continues to bite Cornerstone is highlighting ways people can continue to donate to charity without putting their hand in their pocket.

Recycling old mobile phones is not only green, but can raise vital funds for Cornerstone's work in the community, enabling people with disabilities and other support needs to enjoy a valued life. 

It doesn't matter the condition of the phone. Whether it still works or not, every phone will be recycled and raises money towards our work.

Charlene Leith, Fundraising Manager at Cornerstone said "It's a great way to continue to donate to charity if you are feeling the pinch. Last year, we raised over £3,000 and recycled over 500 phones and we hope to raise even more in 2011. Every penny raised has been was spent on supporting and caring for people in our communities."

Donating an old handset couldn't be easier, please just drop them off at our Aberdeen office. Alternatively give us a call or email and we can issue your with a prepaid envelope to post your phone directly to the recycling company.  We can even provide bundles of envelopes or collection boxes for schools and community groups.

To donate an old phone, or for more information, please contact Linda Shaw on 01224 256000 or check out our web page at



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