Cornerstone co-host Shared Lives seminar

We have joined forces with The Richmond Fellowship and Shared Lives Plus to co-host a West of Scotland seminar about the role Shared Lives can play in Health and Social Care Integration.

The event was held at IET Glasgow: Teacher Building on 5 June 2015 and gave delegates the opportunity to think differently about the delivery of more cost effective community based provision for people needing care and support.

The Seminar was attended by Shared Lives carers, Health and Social care staff and senior managers involved in shaping new Health and Social Care Integration plans.

Shared Lives is a cost effective and highly personalised alternative to residential and other forms of care and support. It offers eligible individuals needing support a model of care that is based on sharing a family home in the local community.

There are currently nearly 8,000 Shared Lives carers in the UK, recruited, trained and approved by 152 local schemes.

Sandy Riddell, Shared Lives Scottish Champion said “We are on the brink of something very special occurring across Scotland in the delivery of health and social care. Without doubt, the integration agenda is challenging but it also provides exciting opportunities for the future. When considering the ways in which services must evolve to meet this challenge, you cannot help to feel both reassured and inspired by the potential of services such as Shared Lives in making a difference to people’s lives.”

Bill, a shared lives carer said, “Shared Lives means being able to live an ordinary life, just like anyone else, allowing the supported person to choose what they want to do with the support from their carer and family.”

John Grant, Cornerstone’s Deputy Chief Executive said “We were delighted to co host this event with Shared Lives Plus and The Richmond Fellowship Scotland.  

The seminar has been a really productive event bringing together managers, practitioners and carers to share expertise and ideas to develop Shared Lives services across Scotland.”

Austen Smyth, Chief Executive The Richmond Fellowship Scotland also added “This event was a successful seminar that we were very happy to be involved in and co-hosting along with the other organisations.  We very much look forward to contributing to the further development of Shared Lives across Scotland”

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