Cornerstone loves dads

Cornerstone had a stall at the Highland Games on Sunday 19 June, which was of course father's day. We asked you to tell us how much your dad means to you and here are the responses. Our favourite message wins a pair of cinema tickets so they and their dad can enjoy some movie time.

"He is so kind and I love him and I am a daddy's girl and he is sweet and important to me" Demi Grant 12

"He is so kind and sweet. I'm a daddy's girl he is very important"
Chloe 13

"He's strong and takes me to cool places"
Sophie 8

"He gives us food"
Sophie 7

"He is really cool and he gives me chocolate"
Eve 8

"I love him soooo much and we play airbending together"
Aldred Gibson 4

"Although he is getting old and has some problems with his health he still keeps smiling and loving us all"
E Gibson 41

"He always has money on him and he always forgives me"
Sophie Copland 16

"He loves me, he buys me things and takes me to the park"
Kenzie Craig 5

"Me and him both love golf and we like the same movies"
Megan 11

"He always gets me stuff"
Isla 11

"He is big and strong and keeps us all safe. He also has wriggly fingers which tickle me and make me laugh!"
Alexander 2

"He keeps me active and he never gives up on me even if I don't do well"
Lindsey Brown 12

Thanks for your all your submissions!

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