Cornerstone meet MP'S at Westminster

Cornerstone Chief Executive Edel Harris, and Chairman Peter Nicholson met a group of MPs at Westminster in a bid to strengthen relationships and help shape policy in what is a challenging time for the social care sector.   

The dinner was hosted by Dame Anne Begg MP, Labour MP for Aberdeen South and was attended by seven MPs, at the House of Commons in London. The group got together to discuss the challenges facing Cornerstone with the advent of self-directed support, the proposed integration of health and social care in Scotland, cuts to funding of social care services and the Government's welfare reform. 

Edel Harris believes the event was hugely constructive and an enormous help to Cornerstone as it prepares for the future, supporting even more people with disabilities and other support needs in the UK. 

"Like many social care charities, Cornerstone is facing a very tricky time with the introduction of new processes and significant cutbacks to funding. However we remain a very innovative and proactive organisation and continue to work hard to achieve our aim - to enable the people we support to enjoy a valued life.  

"Employing over 1,700 people and providing care and support to over 2,000 of our most vulnerable citizens, we are eager to engage with politicians and those who make important policy decisions that affect the charitable work we do. 

"I am hugely grateful to Dame Anne for her ongoing support and help organising the dinner and to the MPs who attended and listened and gave us feedback on all the areas discussed." 

The other MPs who attended were Cathy Jamieson, Frank Doran, Tom Clark, Sheila Gilmore, Anne Maguire, Sir Robert Smith and Head of Communications at No.10, Olly Grender. 

Dame Anne added: "I was delighted to host the dinner for Cornerstone in the House of Commons.  Not only did it give Cornerstone the opportunity to describe the services it provides in many areas of Scotland, we also discussed the challenges it presently faces.  

"The group of MPs Cornerstone met had a wide knowledge and direct experience of disability, the voluntary sector, local government and social enterprise. As a result the discussion was detailed, interesting and very worthwhile."

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