SDS Service Launched

Leading social care charity, Cornerstone, will today launch a new service aimed at helping people in Aberdeenshire make informed choices and take more control over the care they receive.

More than 1,700 people throughout the region will be supported by Cornerstone SDS Aberdeenshire, an impartial advisory service created to provide users of self-directed support (SDS) with all the information they need to arrange care and support.

SDS allows people to choose how their support will be provided, giving them as much ongoing control as they want over the individual budget spent on their support if they do not want to continue to receive a service provided by and paid for by a local authority or the NHS.

The task of managing SDS in Aberdeenshire was awarded to Cornerstone by the local authority, Aberdeenshire Council, following a tender process. Cornerstone SDS has appointed its team of advisors and first SDS Manager, Claire Fraser, who are based across the Aberdeenshire area.

The introduction of the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act means that people needing support now have four options to choose from with regards to the care and support they receive, and how they want it to be arranged and delivered, giving them more flexibility and control. 

Cornerstone Chief Executive Edel Harris said that individuals can choose support that helps them achieve individual outcomes that are important to them and which have been agreed and costed in their support plan.

“SDS will enable the individual to have more choice over the support they receive. In the past, support packages have been arranged by local councils; now SDS allows them to have the control and flexibility to arrange and manage this themselves through the four options, which are direct payment, individual service fund, traditional services and mixed budget. Our advisors will help the individual make the right choice for them and their family and be there to help them at each stage of setting up the support. We are delighted to be launching Cornerstone SDS today and also looking forward to introducing this new service across Scotland."

Cllr Karen Clark, Chair of Aberdeenshire Council’s Social Work and Housing Committee said: “Aberdeenshire Council has worked closely with Cornerstone over a number of years providing services for people in Aberdeenshire and we are delighted to be working together to provide support to people receiving Self Directed Support.

“Self Directed Support significantly changes the way we all work and provide services for people in Aberdeenshire. It provides a challenging new model for the delivery of social care services and empowers service users with control over their required services. It gives a person who needs care and support more choice and control over the kind of support they receive and how it is delivered.”

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