Spotlight on Disability Sport

This month Gold Challenge has a spotlight on disability sport.

Cornerstone is one of Scotland's main providers of care and support for people with disabilities, so this months ‘Spotlight Sport' holds particular relevance.

The Gold Challenge is open to individuals with any disability and all sports include their current disability versions.  By making the Challenge fully integrated, all disability sports can be completed by disabled and non-disabled participants.

This is a great opportunity to try out some Paralympic Sports whilst raising money for Cornerstone. To find out where you can take part in disability sport in your local area, simply go to the ‘Where' section for each sport on the Gold Challenge website. Parasport will then direct you to the nearest club or centre in your local area using its ‘club finder'.

Spotlight On...Martine Wright
Martine Wright was unfortunate to be travelling by tube on 7th July 2005. She was sitting only a few seats away from one of the London bombers and lost both her legs in the blast. Only six months later she became a member of the British sitting volleyball team. As a former Londoner, it is Martine's dream to compete at London 2012.

"Life has funny twists and turns, that was a truly awful day, but I survived. Lots of people didn't so I really live my life by going out and grabbing every opportunity.

"I left London on quite a negative and it would be so amazing to be able to go back to London to compete on a worldwide stage and have my family and friends in the audience and be proud of me."

"I would go as far as to say (sport) is more important for disabled people because it gives them so much. When anyone goes through something traumatic your confidence goes and you've got to live your life differently."

"Personally it's given me a goal again, and the goal for me is for London 2012."

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