The Lens Final

A group of employees from Cornerstone have taken to the stage to present their business innovation ideas to a panel of judges and secure part of a £20,000 investment pot, half of which has been contributed by the Robertson Trust.

The finalists were taking part in a new programme being run in partnership with The Lens, a charity which aims to help other organisations become more innovative, business-minded, collaborative and to unleash their entrepreneurial talent.

After a tailored programme of workshops and coaching, the eight groups of ‘intrapreneur’ finalists, from all levels within Cornerstone, bid for investment in their own innovative ideas at an event at the Brian Cox Studio in Glasgow, with four groups proving successful in their bids.

The winning ‘intrapreneurs’ will now be given a split of the £20,000 investment to take their ideas forward. 

The winners were  Geraldine Whitson and Jimmy Nicol, who came up with the Connects Multimedia Project – a multimedia activity group to develop creative skills; Lysia Abercrombie, for her Sis-Bro @ Growing Together idea – a group that will support the siblings of people with complex needs; Clare Scott, who impressed the judges with her HAPPE innovation – a programme to help young people deal with difficult emotions; and Cathy McCabe and Shona Murray for The Five Senses – a multi-sensory space for people with complex sensory needs. 

The overall aim of The Lens programme is to further embed Cornerstone’s values to be pioneering, to empower staff to realise their ambitions, to challenge the status quo and, ultimately, help create new and sustainable ways of working in the future.

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