Supported Living

Providing support to individuals in small group living environments or single tenancies, these services are based on each individual's needs.  Our support can range from just a few hours a week to up to 24 hours a day and enables people to make their own decisions and take part in everyday activities.

Many of the people we support have moved to our services from long-stay hospitals and we have considerable experience in providing support during this transition. Our person centred approach means we have tailored these services to meet the different needs of each individual, ensuring they are involved in making decisions about their life.

"I lived in hospitals for over 20 years and very much wanted to move into my own home. I didn't know what this would be like, but I had visited my friend in his home and wanted that for me. Before, I lived in a ward with 15 other people and shared a bedroom with three others. Now I have my own room and can please myself what I do and when I do it. I can go shopping when I want to and have control over my own money. I can listen to my choice of CD and watch what I want on TV. My mum comes to visit me more and I have much more privacy."  Craig, supported by Cornerstone's Supported Living Service

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