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Cornerstone's Support Worker Appeal

Read below about how the team at our Keswick service in Dundee have gone the extra mile for Angus’ daughter, Heather.

“I’m a parent to two daughters, my oldest daughter is Heather who will be 36 this year. Heather is cared for at the Keswick service in Dundee. She moved there about 12 or 13 years ago when we were looking for a care service that would satisfy Heather’s needs.

I didn’t want Heather in a care home, that was just a definite ‘no’. Heather is now sharing a flat with another young lady with similar needs and receiving 24-hour care from Cornerstone there. It’s been absolutely fantastic for my daughter.

It took me many years to understand that somebody else could care for my daughter as well as I could, and to accept that, to be honest, was very difficult but I have to admit that Heather has a quality of life now that I could never, ever provide her with.

The last year has been extremely hard, I last saw Heather properly last February. I’ve seen Heather twice since then in her house, once to change her peg tube and once just before Christmas when she was unwell. There was a time around about May last year when things were getting quite bad with Covid, and I genuinely didn’t think I’d see Heather again.

I have to say that the carers at Keswick have pulled out all the stops possible to protect Heather. They went way beyond what I would have expected. Heather ended up having to isolate in her bedroom 24 hours a day for most of last year. A small group of carers within the service agreed they would work 12-hour shifts on their own in Heather’s room to look after her.

During that time, they provided as much stimulation as possible and were extremely creative in doing so. She actually had her own spa there, she had her own cinema there, she had her own entertainment, they read books to her, they sang to her – it was brilliant.

Heather with her Support Worker

There were times when I was extremely worried about Heather but the carers gave me the confidence to know that Heather was getting the best possible care. I have no doubt she wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for what they’ve done.”

Going the extra mile, even in the most challenging of circumstances, is second nature for Support Workers at Cornerstone.