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Technology Enabled Care and Support (TECS) Package FAQs

Technology Enabled Care and Support (TECS) Package Frequently Asked Questions

What is TECS?

TECS stands for Technology Enabled Care and Support. Cornerstone’s TECS service combines technology provided by Carezapp, with our local Responder Service to replace, where appropriate, traditional methods of service delivery based on paid support whilst still providing a truly personalised service.

Is the technology proven?

Yes, the continuous, automatic, remote monitoring of real time data to manage the risks of independent living has been available for many years. The capabilities have been expanded with technological advancements and Carezapp are now able to use data to provide meaningful insights which were not possible through more traditional types of monitoring available, such as static door alerts of emergency pull cords.

Will the person being supported be at higher risk?

No, in many respects the person being supported will be safer as the real time data from the sensors allows automatic notifications and alerts to be generated and timely responses to be triggered.

The knowledge that this automatic, continuous monitoring is being remotely monitored and is receiving appropriate responses from Cornerstone’s local qualified and experienced Responder team will give the person being supported and their family peace of mind.

Added to this, the ability to analyse the data over time to give a more detailed picture of the supported persons patterns assists in planning with all relevant professional’s involvement, for more meaningful outcomes.

How does TECS work?

Following a detailed TECS assessment completed by Cornerstone’s Responder team, we will develop an individual package of technology sensors which meet the supported persons individual support needs, chosen lifestyle and desired outcomes. The collection of data from sensors is only the first stage in the process. The Carezapp platform is then programmed with a set of Rules that are unique to the person being supported which then determine the notifications or alerts that will be automatically triggered when parameters are exceeded for the Responder team to action. For example, different rules may apply to alerts triggered at weekends when the supported persons chosen living pattern is different to that during the week.

What type of sensors will be installed?

This will depend on the supported persons TECS assessment, their chosen lifestyle and their desired outcomes. Carezapp use a range of ‘best of breed’ sensors including but not exclusive to the following:

  • Motion sensor to detect real time movements in a room or zone.
  • Contact sensor to detect open and closed events such as from doors or windows.
  • Action button that is customised to be pushed at any time from a desired location.
  • Occupancy sensor to see if a person is going to bed at the usual time or staying in bed during the night.
  • Enuresis (incontinence) sensor suitable for a bed, pillowcases, chair, or wheelchair to detect moisture.
  • Epilepsy bed monitor that detects tonic-clonic seizures.
  • Smoke sensor that is a smoke detector and fire alarm in one.
  • CO sensor that detects precise measurements of carbon monoxide.
  • Flood sensor that detects a water leak or changes in temperatures.
  • Tablet that can be used to communicate using video or voice calls to the person being supported.

Cornerstone work with Carezapp to continuously review sensors available on the market to ensure that we always use the best sensor for the job.  

Is the technology only for monitoring overnight support?

TECS does not stop when the sun comes up! While technology is particularly well suited for linking to an overnight responder service as a cost effective alternative to sleepover support, it has applicability to day time support. Carezapp technology has application 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Can it be tried before there is a commitment to the service?

Yes, we can provide a trial installation to allow the person who will be supported to check whether technology can meet their needs and is right for them. There will be a small cost associated with this which will be refunded against the subscription/service fees upon confirming a permanent package. 

Is TECS suitable for everyone? 

Technology is not right for everyone, for example, it may not be well-suited for individuals with complex needs.  

We will work with the person who is to be supported and their support network (family/social work/health team), Carezapp and our Responder team to undertake a detailed TECS assessment to establish whether a technology installation can support that individual to live the life that they desire.

If this cannot be established, we will work with the supported individual to help them to determine other ways in which we may be able to enhance their service. We will never install technology into a home just because we can. We will only use technology when we can demonstrate a benefit to individual and make a positive difference to their life.

What if the person being supported needs to speak to someone?

The individual’s bespoke technology installation can include a tablet which provides voice and video capabilities that will be set up with Rules in line with GDPR for the Responder team to action.

An enhancement to the Carezapp technology platform is the Companion App (downloadable from the Apple Appstore or Google Play Store) which allows communication links to be established to the supported persons family and wider circle as appropriate.

There is a lot of technology packages now available from other suppliers, what is special about this TECS package?

  1. You are right there are many other technology suppliers that can provide technology to monitor data. However, there are four main reasons why our TECS package is special.
  2. The use of ‘best of breed’ sensors which provides real time information from the Carezapp platform direct to Cornerstone’s Responder’s via Wi-Fi providing peace of mind.
  3. The data provided by the Carezapp platform is analysed in such a way that it allows Cornerstone as a care and support provider to work with other partners such as social work or health professions, to learn and improve the quality of the service the individual receives.
  4. The Responder team will complete a TECS assessment to ensure the right technology is installed to meet the specific needs and requirements of the supported person, reviewing this on an ongoing basis.
  5. The Responder team will support a maximum of 20 individuals per team (four fully trained responders) across all six of the localities in North Lanarkshire which means that they will be able to get to know each of the people they support before their package is agreed, building a positive relationship with them to ensure a truly personalised service.

How much does the TECS service cost?

The cost of an individual’s technology package from Carezapp includes the all-in cost of the technology required to meet the assessed needs, associated installation, maintenance and upgrade, where required.

Payment for the Carezapp technology is based on a monthly subscription and service fees which are paid in advance along with any relevant cost for the night-time Responder fees based on the level of service.

It is worth noting that Carezapp technology used by Cornerstone can demonstrate a significant saving when compared with technology supplied by other providers which has lesser functionality so demonstrates impressive efficiency.    

Carezapp technology costs are based on an individual basis depending on the number of sensors being installed. Whereas, the Cornerstone Responder service has a set pricing structure. 

How does the Carezapp platform get the data from the sensors to the Cornerstone Responders?

All sensors are connected by Wi-Fi and therefore require a reliable internet connection and service provision.

How can a TECS assessment be initiate or more information be found?

If you would like further information or would like to arrange a TECS assessment or trial installation please contact our local Responder team on 01236 751 105 asking to speak with Dianne Gregor or email any questions or requests to us at

Responder Only Service Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Responder service cost?

The cost of a Cornerstone Responder service represents the second element of the TECS service and demonstrates that further efficiency is achieved when compared to the cost of traditional night-time support.

A key benefit of the local Responder service is always to keep response times at less than 30 minutes.  

Based on the capacity of each local responder to achieve this response time, we are typically able to demonstrate an impressive saving of approximately 80% based on the cost of traditional night-time support in North Lanarkshire. 

There is already a link to Community Alarms, so can Cornerstone’s Responder service still be accessed using this technology?

Yes, while we believe that our fully integrated TECS service (Carezapp technology with Cornerstone Responder service) represents the most effective and efficient service offering, we recognise that individuals who have an alternative technology installation may still wish to benefit from our high quality, responsive Responder service.

We estimate that we can deliver savings of approximately 85% based on the cost of traditional night-time support in North Lanarkshire.

What is the teams response time?

We place a high priority on delivering a responsive service to the people we support through our Responder service and we always aim to achieve a response time of less than 30 minutes.

The geography of North Lanarkshire gives us confidence that that under normal circumstances this target response time is achievable and we have contingency arrangements and local protocols in place to address abnormal and/or emergency situations.  

Will the number of callouts they can have each night be limited?

The TECS service, including separate Responder service where appropriate, will be based on assessed needs established during the TECS assessment. In the first instance there will be no limit placed on the number of callouts. If the cause of any increased number of call outs is temporary, we will continue to respond at no additional cost while the temporary circumstances are resolved.

Should we find that needs change during the delivery of the individuals Responder service we will investigate further technology options to ensure that the technology package remains relevant to that individuals need.

Should the number of call outs remain high after we have undertaken review of individual needs, we may need to place some restrictions on the number of call outs or review the cost of that particular Responder service following discussion with the relevant parties. 

Where can further information be found on the Responder service?

If you would like further information or would like to arrange a TECS assessment please contact our local Responder team on 01236 751 105 asking to speak with Dianne Gregor or email any questions or requests to us at

You can download and print our PDF version here.