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Why choose embroidery? Embroidery designs will wash better and last longer than most prints.
When you choose embroidery we will work with you throughout each stage of your design set up. We require an image of your artwork in the most common format i.e. J-peg Bmp or high res image.

Once we have received your artwork our in-house design team which has over 10 years experience in commercial embroidery, will turn your art into a stitch format; this will then be run through our embroidery machines by our staff. We will provide you with a sample of your design for your approval.

We will keep your design on file for any future orders that you may require. There is a one off set up charge of £18.50 no matter how many stitches are in your design and orders over 25 garments have a free design set up.


Woodview offers 3 types of printing. Sublimation, Transfer & Vinyl prints. Our Printing expertise is second to none, our staff have been printing and designing prints for many years, from simple text to more detailed images our staff will work with you throughout this process. We have invested in the latest up to date printing machines which allows us to cater to our customers requirements.

Vinyl Printing
Vinyl Printing is an inexpensive way to decorate garments from a one off item to bulk orders. In the past Vinyl was mostly used for printing names and numbers, today we can offer very detailed designs in many different colours. We also offer fashion vinyl prints and glitter prints. The process involves our design team working with you on your design, we will then put your design through our plotter/cutter. Once this is done we will weed the design out of the vinyl that is not required and then heat press your design onto your required garment.

Transfer Prints
We offer two types of transfer prints;

On light coloured garments we offer full coloured designs this involves us transferring the required image to transfer paper that is printed off the latest OKI printer designed for t-shirt printing. Once your design has been printed we then heat press it onto the required garment, from one off orders to bulk runs.

Dark garments follow the same process. We use the latest technology in transfer paper which can achieve photo quality images printed onto your required garment.

Sublimation Printing
Woodview are delighted with the latest Ricoh sublimation printer that we have recently purchased. With this style of printing we can print onto almost any surface. The process involves an image printed out onto specialist sublimation paper which is then transferred onto the required object with super shine quality.

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