Malcolm, who is supported in our Glasgow and East Dunbartonshire branch, used to go on holiday every year. Support worker, Ros would sometimes take him to Ayr and Largs (or “doon the watter” as he called it) where he used to visit with his parents, when he was young. But recently, after developing dementia, he had become more anxious and told his support workers, Ros and Carole Ann, that he wanted “no more” holidays. 

While support worker Ros knew that Malcolm wouldn’t be able to take another big holiday, she tentatively suggested going on a long weekend to St Andrews to see his sister. She felt it would be a refreshing change of scenery for him and a great way to recharge and relax. 

Malcolm was actually delighted with the idea. A trip to St Andrews would give him all the benefits of a holiday with the added bonus of seeing his family and minimal anxiety. 

Ros spent time researching accessible accommodation to find somewhere that Malcolm could stay and have all his needs met.  She then contacted his sister and the rest of his family, arranging the gathering to take place during the Easter weekend. The idea quickly turned into the prospect of a family reunion! 

Naturally, Malcolm was excited, so excited he didn’t want anyone to talk about it until it was time to go because he couldn’t sleep.  

Then the day arrived. Malcolm was supported by Ros and Carole Ann to attend the gathering. Ros hired a wheelchair accessible van and drove Malcolm from Glasgow up to the lodge in beautiful St Andrews.  

“I loved taking him away,” Ros said as she explained what the experience was like. “It was an excuse for everyone to see each other. On Easter Sunday they had a right family get together. His two sisters, his brother-in-law, his two nieces and his nephew all came to enjoy the day. It really was a fabulous time for the family who have not been all together for many years. Malcolm was over the moon, so much so that we are going to arrange another trip soon.” 

Malcolm, who enjoys “a good blether” and one on one time, was able to have time with each one of his family members, whom he hadn’t seen in a while. They all took turns sitting and talking to Malcolm. Throughout the weekend they went on lovely walks, had afternoon tea and classic St Andrews' fish suppers.  

Ros explained; “He laughed the whole time, and never went to bed until ten! Normally he goes to bed at eight.”  

Malcolm described how he felt about the weekend, “I liked going on holiday. I liked the place where we stayed and I am going again soon.”  

When asked if Malcolm enjoyed the trip he jokingly replied - “I enjoyed it too much!” 

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