Unlike residential care, care at home services allow your loved one to stay living in their own home whilst getting the help and support they need, whether they’re just looking for company or need someone to keep the house clean and prepare meals.

Care at home is a great solution for someone who needs extra help in and around the house, as it allows them to remain independent and live happily within familiar surroundings. It’s also a great relief for family members who might not be able to provide support every time it’s needed or live far away and need peace of mind that their loved one is safe and well.

We personalise our range of home care services to suit individual needs, from a few hours a week to 24 hour live in care. We also match our support workers to the person they will be visiting to ensure they get along and are able to build a trusted relationship.

The Care Inspectorate also defines Care at Home (support services) as:

"A support service is a service provided to a person who is vulnerable, except where they are only vulnerable because they are young. The service could be provided within a person’s home, for instance a bathing service, or it may be provided out with the person’s home, for example in the community or in a day centre. It includes counselling, provided this is part of a planned programme of care.

It does not include: 

  • services providing overnight accommodation
  • adoption/fostering services
  • independent health care services
  • employment assistance services
  • a health body providing a service conferred by the National Health Service
  • services provided solely and personally by an individual"