Anne is a loving sister, auntie and daughter who is currently supported in our Ayrshire branch. She used to be cared for by her dad and siblings but moved to Bessie Dunlop Court in April 2021 due to increased support needs. 

Anne’s sister, Sandra explained, “Anne is a well-loved member of our family but when Dad took unwell Anne started to abscond. We were needing to get help from social work. She needed 24/7 care. It was a really difficult decision but we had to put Anne first.”

The social work team were able to reassure Sandra and her family of the options available for Anne and suggested going to Cornerstone’s recently opened Bessie Dunlop Court.

“The staff haven’t just made Anne feel at home but they have welcomed us; from the youngest babies in our family to my dad at 96. They’ve also allayed any fears we had about Anne going to stay in 24/7 care.” 

Sandra believes that one reason Anne was able to settle in so quickly was due to the early communication between Anne and her team. For the nine months prior to moving into Bessie Dunlop Court Anne stayed with Sandra and they would attend zoom meetings with different members of staff. 

“It meant that when Anne moved in she already knew these people, as did we. Anything at all that we had to ask was answered, we were given reassurance and confidence in everything that was happening.” 

Knowing the people before she moved in was a huge comfort to Anne who is a social butterfly! Since moving into Bessie Dunlop Court Anne has become an integral part of the community, providing laughs and memories for staff and neighbours alike. 

David Harkins, a mentor at Bessie Dunlop Court described the relationship between staff, Anne and her family;

“As well as Anne, her family have become very friendly faces here. Everyone looks forward to seeing where Anne’s enthusiasm and support can take her. The sky will continue to be her limit.”   

You can watch our chat with Sandra here.