Last year, Beth McPhee, who is 16 years old, created a baking enterprise to raise funds for her local branch of Cornerstone in North Lanarkshire. We currently help to care for her grandfather, Neil Aitken, after he was diagnosed with vascular dementia.

Beth explained the inspiration for creating Beth’s Fudge Factory to sell her sweet treats, “I wanted to do this for my grandad and other people who are in a similar situation. I was baking at my gran’s house so that’s where I started. My gran said she is so proud of me.”

Her baking exploits were shared on social media by friends and family and so far Beth has baked up an incredibly generous donation of £500. The teenager had a real drive to help the charity that supports her grandfather and the other people we support within the branch.

Beth’s mum, Lesley explained the impact Cornerstone has, “Cornerstone has made a massive difference to my dad. All of the staff that come from the charity are brilliant; it’s nice to be able to say thank you.”

Beth runs an organised kitchen, often employing her parents, and her sister, Lily to assist her. There is a lot to do when making orders but Beth has managed to become a master of her craft, baking batches of fudge, cupcakes and afternoon tea boxes. She has also created bakes for occasions to order, like Halloween.

Beth wants to continue baking. “Everyone has said that they liked [the bakes] and a lot of people have ordered again. I’ve raised over £500 and I’m looking to raise as much as I can.”

Lesley added, “It only just started as a wee social enterprise, but she has learned lots of skills for life. Both her dad and I are really proud of her.”

Donations like the £500 from Beth’s brilliant baking means that Cornerstone can continue providing support to members of our community. Thank you, Beth!

If you are interested in raising money by baking like Beth, check out our Care for Cake fundraising packs here