Last year, Callum from our Aberdeen South branch had an amazing glider experience with Walking on Air, a charity that aims to make gliding accessible to people with mobility issues.

It was Callum’s support worker, Roy, who had the idea to sign Callum up for the experience. Roy has been a glider instructor for 20 years and flies competitively so was able to arrange the outing.

It was an early start in the morning as Callum, his parents and Roy all headed to Portmoak to prepare for take-off. After a quick pit-stop at McDonald’s for breakfast, they arrived at the airfield. The people at Walking on Air were incredible and able to get Callum all positioned and ready for his flight in no time. Callum was naturally very excited.

The gliders are dual controlled so Callum was able to sit in the front while an instructor took the back seat. This gave him the perfect view of surroundings. And what an amazing view it was!

While in the air Callum looked over the hills of Portmoak and the ridge near Bishop Hill. From the skies he was able to see the beautiful still waters of Loch Leven and the ruins of the historic Lochleven Castle. The place where Mary Queen of Scots was held prisoner.

Lynda, Callum’s mum explained just how much Callum enjoyed the trip,

“Callum was ecstatic, an experience he’ll never forget. The look of sheer delight on his face when he came in to land is a moment we’ll never forget.”

Roy, who flew the trip with him in separate glider told us about Callum’s experience, “It was hugely satisfying and I know Callum had a really good time. I could see it on his face. He was up, he was happy.”

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