Saul is a support worker from our South Aberdeen and Shire branch who joined Cornerstone in July 2020.

Saul is originally from Guatemala where he used to run his own business selling security systems. He moved to Scotland when his partner was offered an opportunity to work at an international school here. "She had this new opportunity and with our child being young, it was a good time for us to make a move in our lives."

After moving to Scotland, Saul decided to change careers as he wanted to take on a new challenge.

Saul and his partner were drawn to Aberdeen. "When we looked online at Aberdeen and the surrounding area of Aberdeenshire, we loved what we saw. The combination of mountains and oceans looked perfect for us and our family."

They have been living in Scotland for nearly three years and Saul has been working as a support worker for most of that time. He currently supports five people and his favourite part of the job is getting to work with them.

“Seeing how they develop their independence skills is very fulfilling!”

"A typical day does not necessarily exist, as each day is quite unique. But generally speaking a day starts with helping the residents with their meals, medication and getting ready for the day. I then take them out to a place they enjoy - maybe have a nice meal or watch a movie. Other days I am responsible for preparing meals for everyone."

Working in care can be challenging but Saul explains the ways he makes a difference.

“It’s the small things such as making the people we support laugh and helping them integrate into their community by doing things like going to restaurants. These little things really make a difference.”

Saul would strongly encourage anyone considering a career in social care to apply. “You should do it. I had no idea how much I would enjoy this work until I got here, and now I wouldn't change it.”

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