"I worked full time in the hospitality sector in a luxury five star resort before joining Cornerstone, and worked as a shop assistant in my spare time. I decided to look for a job in the Health and Social Care sector as I wanted a more fulfilling career. I love watching the person I’m supporting achieve a personal goal. There is no greater feeling than sharing that joy with them and knowing you helped to make that happen."

"My job is always changing. I get to experience all the different aspects of working in social care and have developed my skills hugely. I get to develop meaningful relationships with my colleagues and feel part of something special every day."

"I used to work in a supermarket and, after hearing how much my family enjoyed working in social care, I decided to volunteer. I am now a permanent Support Worker and also part of the Quality and Fundraising Committees. Cornerstone has given me all the training I needed. I love that I’m there to help the people we support live their everyday lives and have fun alongside them as well."

"Before I joined Cornerstone, I worked in a care home where I supported 30 residents with dementia. I had never worked with people with disabilities before and was looking to broaden my experience and develop my skills. I absolutely love my job! Every day is different - no two days are the same!"

"No two days are ever the same! I’ve been supporting three gents for four years and in that time, we’ve really gotten to know each other. The job does come with its challenges but on the whole, we’re able to have a good laugh with each other. My role as a team member is really varied. It can be taking the gents to their appointments or taking them to the cinema, or walks to their local shops for newspapers and the odd bag of sweets!"