Janice and Lorna live in Parkholme, one of our services in Moray. Janice moved in about three weeks prior to lockdown, in March 2020, having lived in Wardend, another Cornerstone house for over 25 years. Lorna moved in during lockdown, six months later. Both ladies live with Down’s Syndrome and early onset dementia and are used to having very busy and active lives. Lockdown could have had a significant impact on their physical and mental health, with their routines being curtailed and familiar activities limited, but with the support of their amazing team they have coped admirably.

“I am happy at Parkholme. I love it when we put music on and I can sing along!” - Lorna

Colinne Higgins, Project Lead, explains, “Our staff have been very creative at keeping the guys busy during lockdown, keeping them mentally stimulated as well as physically fit. When Lorna joined us in September she had to isolate in her room for 14 days. This was a huge ask, but staff pulled out all the stops, supporting her in her room from 8am – 9pm every day and created an activity timetable to keep her occupied and provide structure to her day.”

“I like Parkholme and the staff, and having my own post box outside my room!” - Janice

Both Janice and Lorna are very caring individuals, who are always looking out for others in the house! They share similar interests but they definitely bond through their love of dancing and singing. They are now firm friends, and each has a wicked sense of humour. Life is never dull with Janice and Lorna around – they make the staff team at Parkholme laugh on a daily basis!