Kenny, one of the people we support from our West Dunbartonshire and Argyll & Bute branch branch, took on our 42 for 42 fundraising challenge and walked 42 miles in February with the support of team member, Lorraine. Kenny and Lorraine raised more than £300! 

Lorraine has been encouraging Kenny throughout, supporting him on walks twice a week and keeping them interesting by visiting various local parks. Lorraine even gifted Kenny a set of binoculars which he loves. Margaret, Kenny’s mum, commented that the cool new binoculars now make him look like a “professional wildlife watcher.”

On his walks Kenny has visited parks like the Botanic Gardens and Kelvingrove. In addition to birds and squirrels, Kenny has spotted some celebrities out in the wild too.  

He saw Kevin Bridges out for a jog and on another outing he met Sanjeev Koli who played Navid in one of Kenny’s favourite shows, ‘Still Game’. Even cooler, Sanjeev actually recognised Kenny from their last meeting before COVID, when some of the Still Game actors appeared at a club Kenny enjoys going to. He was really excited to meet them and Navid (Sanjeev Koli), Isa (Jane McCarry) and Tam (Mark Cox) were excited to meet him then too.   

Kenny was over the moon when nearly two years later, Sanjeev recognised him in Kelvingrove and praised him for doing the fundraiser.  

Margaret, Kenny’s mum, explained the impact that conversation had on Kenny. “He was so chuffed when [Sanjeev] told him he was proud of him. Kenny was gushing when he got home!”  

Overall, the walking challenge fundraiser has boosted Kenny’s confidence. Margaret, Kenny’s mum commented. “It’s given him more of a purpose to his support days out and about. It’s been great to see him so excited, plus it’s keeping him fit after so many months of being stuck at home.”  

“The challenge has relieved some of the anxieties we both felt at going out and about again after lockdown. We are building up confidence to start leading a more normal life again.” 

“Many thanks to all involved in the fundraiser, it's been so inspiring and I hope others have gotten as much out of it as my son, his support worker and myself have.” 

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