Marie is a team member from Packman in our Moray branch who joined Cornerstone in August 2021. Before working for Cornerstone, Marie had been living in Tenerife. She had been working bar jobs and secretary jobs in addition to being a mum of four boys. 

Due to uncertainty surrounding COVID and the global pandemic, Marie and her family left Tenerife after ten years. “It was a magical time but it was time to come back.”  

They returned to Marie’s hometown in Buckie, Scotland and Marie started job searching. The process was tougher than expected. ”Trying to get a job was so hard especially at my age, because I’m 57. I applied for a job at Cornerstone, I certainly didn’t think I would get it but I did!” 

Marie is thoroughly enjoying her role as a team member and currently supports one person, Sarah, a job she finds incredibly rewarding.

“The role is so different to what I imagined. It is very fulfilling. There is a misconception that it’s hard, time consuming and goes for your brain – it isn’t. It’s so enjoyable. It’s lovely.”  

“The best part of my job is Sarah, always. I get as much from Sarah as she gets from me. Because in this role I am able to be myself and not try to be someone I’m not.” 

Marie would encourage anyone considering a career in care to, “go for it as it’s really enjoyable.”  

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