Natalie currently works for Cornerstone as a support practitioner in North Ayrshire Community Support. We had a chance to catch up with her to find out more about her experience of being part of Cornerstone’s Modern Apprenticeship (MA) programme and what advice she would give to anyone else thinking about applying to do a modern apprenticeship in the future. 

Why did you decide to do the Modern Apprenticeship?

I chose to do the Modern Apprenticeship to gain new skills and implement them into my practice. It is a requirement to gain the Health and Social Care level 7 in line with the SSSC regulations.

What sort of skills did you learn?

I gained new knowledge and skills by researching and reflecting on my practice as a support practitioner. It is a personal account kept by each individual within Cornerstone about our experiences and helps us to understand and learn more about each person, as well as how we can make amazing differences to their life.

I wish everyone the best of luck when they undergo their Modern Apprenticeship. Enjoy it, don’t stress, and never forget your potential and what you’re capable of!

What are your future development plans now that you've finished your Modern Apprenticeship? How do you feel it has helped you get there?

When completing my Modern Apprenticeship, I was reminded how much I enjoy learning and the positivity it brings. Feeling accomplished is a great thing and it gave me a push to apply to college and broaden my skills and knowledge within wellness and complementary therapies. My assessors have supported me and praised me throughout each assignment. This gave me the confidence boost I really needed. I feel valued and appreciated for the work I do.

What was the most rewarding part of your Modern Apprenticeship?

The most rewarding part of my Modern Apprenticeship was realizing how much potential I have. I’m a keen learner and loved looking back at how I have supported people and how I have built positive and meaningful relationships with them. Completing this course in six months was one of the most rewarding and amazing things I have done. It has changed my practice in positive ways and shown what I'm capable of. I couldn’t have done it without my assessors. 

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