Modern Apprenticeship Week ran from the 6th to the 12th of March 2023.

Cornerstone’s Modern Apprenticeship (MA) programme gives those looking to pursue or develop a career in health and social care the opportunity to gain a sector-recognised qualification whilst working in a paid role as a Support Practitioner.

To commemorate the week some of our 2023 Modern Apprenticeship graduates shared their stories.

Rhona Waters

Rhona Waters is a Support Practitioner in North Lanarkshire’s Community Support branch.

She decided to do the Modern Apprenticeship to get a qualification that would help further her career in social care. Rhona found that the learning in the Modern Apprenticeship gave her some additional skills that would improve her current practice. “I really wanted to learn more about the policies and legislation that are important in social care. It was rewarding to learn skills that would transfer into my working practice and allow me to help the people I support to the absolute best of my ability.”

Rhona has continued using the skills learned on the Modern Apprenticeship in her everyday practice and encourages anyone considering the Modern Apprenticeship to apply. “The Modern Apprenticeship is a great opportunity for anyone who would like to progress within the sector.”

Jennifer Brunton

Jennifer is a Support Practitioner in North Aberdeen and Shire.

She was initially unsure about enrolling in the Modern Apprenticeship programme, not realising apprenticeships are for everyone. “I had always assumed apprenticeships were for young adults, not someone in their early forties like me.”

Despite her initial reservations, Jennifer is glad she put herself forward for the programme. “I now have the skills and confidence to be able to complete a number of different tasks which will help me both now and in the future.”

During the course of the programme, Modern Apprenticeship candidates study a range of skills in preparation for their SVQ. “It has been a good few years since I left school, so I was apprehensive about being upskilled in numeracy and information, and communication technology, as maths and spreadsheets were never my strong point. But my assessor talked me through it, and gave me plenty of encouragement in order for me to complete the module.”

After completing her Modern Apprenticeship Jennifer has improved her skills and her confidence. Now Jennifer is considering a distance learning course in mental health. “I feel this is going to benefit myself, the people we support and my colleagues as I am going to be able to better understand and support their needs with the skills I now have.”

Lauren Quinn

Lauren is a Support Practitioner in Ayrshire.

She decided to do her Modern Apprenticeship to learn valuable knowledge, and earn a qualification that would allow her to progress further in her career one day.

During her Modern Apprenticeship Lauren improved upon her existing skills and was able to learn new skills too. “I learned some areas I could improve on and ways to deal with situations differently. Now I can communicate better with the people we support.”

“Doing the Modern Apprenticeship has made me want to learn more and grow more. I would love to one day be able to manage a service and help more people in the future.”

For Lauren the most rewarding part of her Modern Apprenticeship came during the assessments where the people she supports and their families were asked questions about her practice. “Hearing what the people I support and their families thought of me felt great.”

“I also feel like I am a more understanding and better Support Practitioner because of this Modern Apprenticeship and for that I am very grateful.