Lockdown is happening across the country. Schools off, cafés and restaurants are shut as well as venues like theatres and cinemas. But does lockdown have to mean a total end to activity? Not according to Eddie McNeill of Methlan Park, Dumbarton who has been using the time to his advantage including sprucing up his garden, and his tan! We caught up with former ‘Cornerstone Best Gardener’ winner Eddie to find out how he has been keeping during lockdown.

What have you been doing during lockdown?

I’ve been doing my garden every day and watering my plants, sitting in the sun all the time and enjoying it every day. I am also enjoying listening to my music and doing my washing and hanging it up – Abba is my favourite!

What have you been missing?

I have been missing going to my art class and going out myself to the shops and the cafés. I’m not enjoying being stuck here all day due to the virus.

How have you been keeping up with activities you enjoy?

I’ve been doing my colouring-in books in the house and decorating my garden. My support worker Angela has been helping me by getting me garden decorations from B&M to help me get my garden back to normal. My garden is looking great and wonderful! I can’t wait for my family to see it once this is finished.

How have you been keeping up with friends and family?

My dad has been keeping in touch with me phoning and my two sisters. The staff are getting on alright with me and keeping me going! I enjoy when staff go to the shops for me to get ice lollies and bring me nice home baking. I have also been enjoying eating my lunch outside and lots of salads

What are you looking forward to once lockdown is over?

I’m looking forward to going back to my art class and back to the shops once it’s over and done with! I am also looking forward going back to the bank and credit union myself – and to Corries in Balloch for a roll and sausage and mug of coffee!

Any final words from you?

A big thanks to my staff who have been keeping me going during this time!