"At Cornerstone, my role mainly consists of admin duties including shredding, photocopying and filing archives. I even pop out to get some tea, coffee and milk if we run out in the office. My colleagues treat me with respect and courtesy. 

"I enjoy their company and banter in the office, as this gives me purpose and motivation in the morning to get out of bed. I look forward to my voluntary job three days a week. I have made friends with many of my colleagues and the people we support since I have been volunteering here.

"Being a volunteer gives me flexibility, choice and helps me to reduce my stress and anxiety. I enjoy researching different topics online as well as reading, and I am able to enjoy these activities in the Carman Centre as well as the local library. I am learning new skills and knowledge, and I can take mini breaks and holidays throughout the year which suits my lifestyle."

"I really enjoy my time spent at Cornerstone, so would like to encourage others with any free time on their hands to volunteer as well, as aside from helping the organisation, the role gives me purpose and meaning. I can't recommend it enough.”