Teresa is one of the people we support from our Aberdeen North branch. She suffers from severe anxiety and as going on holiday disrupts her routine it can cause her distress. But last year Teresa decided to challenge herself with the goal of going on a short stay holiday. 

Julia, a Team Member at Cornerstone who helps to support Teresa, was inspired when she saw an advertisement from Jubilee House in the Cornerstone bulletin.  

Jubilee House is a holiday home rental situated by the harbour of Stonehaven. It is fully equipped with facilities for disabled users and comes at a reduced rate to the people we support. Julia thought it was the perfect place to bring Teresa and when the staff approached her about the idea she agreed. 

“Teresa was very anxious leading up to our trip but with lots of praise, encouragement and reassurance from staff she was able to cope with her anxieties.” 

Teresa had agreed to stay two nights in the house, accompanied by key workers Julia and Caroline who were at first worried she would only be able to stay for the day. Sleeping in a strange bed and being so far away from her usual surroundings was what Teresa was most anxious about so it surprised everyone when Teresa enjoyed the trip so much she ended up staying for three nights instead of two. 

Teresa ended up loving every moment of her stay in Jubilee House – so much so that she wishes to go back! Her trip involved a road trip to Banchory, a scenic town in Aberdeen, and visits to many cafés as – “Teresa loves a milkshake and a peece!” These café visits and socialising with the locals in Stonehaven were the best parts of the trip for Teresa. 

Teresa explained her experience of the trip.

"I really enjoyed Jubilee House. Julie & Caroline made sure I had fun and enjoyed myself. The thing I enjoyed most was Greggs' sausage rolls when I was relaxing at night watching my soaps and visiting Villa Café for my afternoon tea.” 

Julia, Caroline and the rest of Teresa's team were so delighted by all that Teresa accomplished. “We, as a staff team, are so very proud of what Teresa achieved going to Stonehaven and also for being chosen for the achievement award. Even on challenging days Teresa never fails to bring a smile to our faces.” 

In recognition of her amazing achievement, Teresa was named a winner of the Mary Williamson Award and received a £250 prize. She was absolutely delighted to be named a winner, and after being unable to attend the awards ceremony, was excited to be recognised with a video call with Cornerstone’s CEO, Hazel Brown. 

Teresa wishes to spend her prize money on another holiday to Jubilee House, and we really hope she gets another break away soon. 

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