Ian has been employed at Cornerstone for two and a half years working as a Technology Enabled Care Responder. As a key member of the team, it’s Ian’s job to monitor and respond to various Technology Enabled Care and Support devices such as personal alarms and fall sensors.

Ian explains the value of his role and the technologies used to assist the people we support. “I respond to the people we support overnight using a number of different devices like door alarms, motion sensors and video calls, to monitor people’s activity in their homes and ensure they are safe. Using technology to deliver care and support is an excellent way to encourage the people we support to take more control over their lives and be independent in their homes.”

Technology Enabled Care Responders like Ian allow people to continue living at home and can help to reduce the need for hospitalisation and nursing care. “Technology Enabled Care promotes independence but allows us to intervene quickly, prioritise and focus our attention on the people who need it most and provide person-centred care.

“My job is extremely rewarding and I feel like I am making a positive difference to the lives of others.”

In addition to making a difference, Ian is grateful for the flexibility of the job. “The role enables me to have a good work life/personal life balance which results in me getting to spend more time with my 7-year-old son.”

“I have never looked back since the day I started with Cornerstone. They are excellent employers who truly do care about the people we support. I feel I am a valued member of staff within my own team, as well as the wider management.”

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