Colin is a support worker from our Ayrshire branch who joined Cornerstone in September 2021.

Colin’s previous roles were very different to his current job in care. For 27 years, since leaving high school, he was a security engineer in the service industry then for three years he worked locally in a steel fabrication factory as a labourer. 

The reason he decided to change careers recently was mainly due to his age. “I’m getting to an age now where I’m thinking long term. Working in the steel industry was dangerous and also very physical. I was looking for something more suited to my age and life skills, as well as a long term career where I could be learning again. When people reach the age of almost 50 few get the opportunity to start a new career where they can learn and earn new qualifications. Cornerstone has opened up a whole new world of learning options to me, a person who most employers would overlook."

Currently, Colin supports 15 residents at Bessie Dunlop Court. He finds a lot of job satisfaction working in care, explaining:

"You get to go home at night knowing you made a difference to someone’s life." 

There are some things about the role that have surprised Colin, such as how busy days can be and how quickly a shift can go by. "The best surprise about this job is how much I have changed from being a reserved old guy to someone who will dance to Christmas music in a living room or not care what others think of the grey-haired old geezer having a laugh with the people we support!" 

One of the highlights of his role is meeting and interacting with the residents who always seem to make his day. “You could come into work after getting out the wrong side of the bed and within a minute of chatting to the residents you’re smiling, you’re laughing, you’re joking. It’s very uplifting.” 

“The residents brighten my day and I certainly hope I brighten theirs. Being able to help them to try and lead their best lives, helping achieve things they might be reluctant to try on their own, having a support worker there, someone who can go places with them and just give them that little extra boost." 

Colin strongly encourages anyone thinking about a career in care to apply. “Do it if you are looking for a job with great job satisfaction. Every day is different. And you are learning every day. It’s a fantastic job and I’m so glad I moved into this line of work. I go home at night with a smile on my face. It’s great. I love it.”  

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