Cornerstone works closely alongside families to empower them and improve quality of life. Will will advocacy, signposting and emotional support. We aim to help each family cope better with their caring role; to become more resilient, improve family relationships and experience greater community involvement. Through individual assessment and consultation, we provide services that meet the needs of each family we support. Our services can include: online information hubs, parent groups, parent workshops, sibling groups, transition support, priority outreach, fun clubs and holiday activity programmes.

We understand that having a child with complex needs can sometimes mean school holidays are a really tough time. The aim of our event programmes is to provide a safe and understanding space for children to come with their families, as well as specialised events for siblings. The events are specially catered for children with complex needs. Our main objective is to allow the children and families to have the opportunity to do activities and try new things they would not usually do or feel comfortable doing given their circumstances.

A number of our branches across Scotland are able to offer children's services.