Eden House is one of many 24/7 housing support services within the Dundee, Perth, Fife and West Lothian branch. Eden House has a small core team of four people and two regular relief support workers who work to support Zander. 

Zander lives in his own flat supported by a team of dedicated carers who provide 24-hour care. He was originally supported by another provider in Crieff until Cornerstone took over twelve years ago, one staff member from that original team is still with him today. Zander is on the Autistic Spectrum and enjoys sensory activities involving lights, candles and relaxing massages with essential oils. He also enjoys gardening in his allotment and exploring nature through our Woodland Wanderers program.

Cornerstone is pleased that over the years they have seen his anxieties reduce.  Physical exercise has been a major part of this and has become vital to his wellbeing and as a result, Zander’s team support him to walk five to ten miles every day. The team have used this as an opportunity to help Zander to go on adventures throughout Scotland and to be creative, they are not afraid to try new activities with him like Kayaking and he loves speed boating.

Because Eden House has this small core team, it helps to build relationships and provide consistency for Zander. Their Care Inspectorate Grade 5 is a testament to the team’s success.