9th May 2024 

On the 17th January 2024, Cornerstone was the victim of a cyber incident. The incident was detected and we immediately put in place best practice response protocols and containment measures, including taking all impacted systems offline and appointing a cyber incident response specialist. All relevant authorities were also notified.  The related Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) investigation closed on 8 May 2024 with no further action required. 

By taking swift action we contained the effects of this cyber security attack, and were able to continue delivering our services as usual.  We currently have no evidence that data relating to the incident has been leaked or shared online but we are in the process of notifying anyone whose personal data may have been impacted by the breach. We are also offering advice and support on further, precautionary protective measures that can be taken 

Where can I find further advice?   

There’s lots of useful information and top tips on how to stay safe online using these links:National Cyber Security Centre, Information Commissioner’s Office,Action Fraud, Get Safe Online and Stop Scams UK.  

If you have a question about this incident please email [email protected] and we will do our best to respond as soon as possible.