Cornerstone Can Care and Jigsaw teams in lockdownDuring lockdown, Cornerstone childrens’ service Can Care in Argyll and Bute was supported by Fabric & Finery, a local sewing store who wanted to show their appreciation of local social care workers during the pandemic. They made colourful scrubs for the Can Care team to wear to help make Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) less intimidating to the children who use the service. The scrubs were given to Can Care staff who provide support in the home to children with medical conditions. As well as this, Cornerstone Team Leader, Frances Wilshin made personalised face masks for staff. Along with the use of appropriate PPE, scrubs are an important way for staff to maintain high standards of hygiene when working in children’s homes.

Cornerstone carers across Argyll and Bute have also been going the extra mile to ensure the people they support are protected amid the current global health crisis, despite services having to be reduced to essential services only. Jigsaw is a children’s service which runs alongside Can Care, providing support within the local community and running clubs for children. The Jigsaw team have come up with creative and resourceful solutions to help make sure the people they support maintain a good quality of life whilst adhering to social distancing and isolation measures, and shielding them from the virus. Staff joined forces with Helensburgh Art Hub to provide online art sessions for the children, alongside other activities to help the children to remain in contact with each other virtually.

Callum Smith, Branch Leader said,

“I am so proud of the Jigsaw and Can Care teams and how they have responded during these difficult times. The resilience, compassion and creativity they have shown by continuing to deliver services makes me proud to work for Cornerstone as part of the care sector in Scotland”.

From the beginning of June, the Jigsaw service safely reinstated some support to children and young adults following requests from other professionals, who remained in contact with the families during lockdown. Jigsaw staff offered children the option of a walk in their local area or 1:1 support at the Jigsaw service. The families who have taken up this offer have reportedly found it to be very helpful with children enjoying being back in the service and getting back into a routine. As lockdown rules relax further, the team are excited to be able to provide more regular support to children and young adults.

Jigsaw supports children and young adults with additional needs in Helensburgh and the surrounding areas of Argyll & Bute. The Jigsaw team are committed to giving everyone they support the opportunity to meet with peers, make new friends, and have fun all whilst accessing their local and wider communities. They aim to encourage opportunities for young people to feel less isolated and more included in their communities.