Cornerstone’s Springhill Gardens service in Dundee celebrated its 20th anniversary on 28th May 2021 by throwing a party for the people they support and the staff. Special guests include Helen Mason and Richard Sweeney who have both been supported by the service since it opened in 2001, alongside Lynne McHugh, the support worker on shift the day the service opened its doors!

Springhill Gardens was the first Cornerstone housing support service to open in Dundee in 2001. Lynne McHugh, who is now a mentor at Cornerstone, explained,

“During my 20 years with Cornerstone it has been a pleasure to work with the amazing people we support and seeing them all grow in knowledge, skills and confidence.”

Helen and Richard were involved in helping to set up for the anniversary celebrations, choosing to buy balloons in Cornerstone colours blue and silver.  Both enjoy very active lives and the service supports them to maintain their independence. Richard enjoys walking and playing dominoes with his support team and housemates, and regularly beats the staff at pool! He is also supported at the local allotment where he helps to maintain the garden. 

Richard’s mother, Edith, commented on how the service has supported her and Richard through the years,

“Richard originally came to Springhill Gardens from Strathmartine Hospital, and it was the best thing I could have done for my son. Never had any worries and the staff have always done a marvellous job.”

Helen enjoys going for meals and shopping with her family and is supported by Cornerstone to play Boccia where she has won various medals. She also enjoys being self-sufficient and helps her support team with cleaning and cooking. 

Helen’s brother Ian and sister-in-law Debbie were delighted to be able to attend the Springhill Gardens’ celebrations too. They said, “We can’t believe it’s been 20 years since Helen moved into her home at Springhill, supported by Cornerstone. Helen has overcome so many hurdles, achieved so much and has grown in so many ways. Helen was so quiet and withdrawn previously but since arriving at Springhill her confidence has grown so much over the years and Helen has become much more independent. It’s all thanks to Cornerstone staff and the work they have put in. Staff have always had Helen’s best interests at heart and have supported her through some very difficult times, which we appreciate so much.”