Cornerstone Blackwood Service

The Dundee Evening Telegraph hosted the Dundee Champions Awards 2020 to recognise those who have been going the extra mile during the pandemic, making a difference in their own communities whether that’s across the Dundee area, or even on the national stage. From individual acts of courage or teams coming together to help others, the awards are a great way of rewarding these extraordinary acts, particularly in times of need.

Cornerstone are delighted to announce that our Blackwood Court Service in Dundee won the Keyworker (Team) Award! This award honours a team of key workers who know that being able to work hard together is key to achieving great results, particularly in times of need. Blackwood Court is made up of nine Cornerstone team members, who support those with multiple, and profound disabilities. During lockdown, the team ensured the care given continued to be of the highest standard, and kept families reassured throughout.

The judges announced Team Blackwood as the winners of the Keyworker (Team) Award, stating,

“they have given so much during lockdown, keeping their charges safe and supported at all times.”

The team was nominated by Christine, a parent of Elaine who is supported at Blackwood Court. Christine describes the team by saying,

“They go above and beyond to bring the best care would could ask for.”

Dundee Champions Key worker (Team) AwardRoxanne Gellatly is one of the support workers at Cornerstone’s Blackwood Court, and she shared her experience with us so far, “I have been with Cornerstone for six months now. Due to the ongoing COVID-19, my probationary review meeting was held virtually over Teams in the middle of April. It was this call that gave me the chance to reflect on my journey so far and I thought it would be good to write some highlights to share with others. I feel at a time like this, it is more important than ever to share positive experiences and highlight the good work done by those in the organisation.

“I work at Blackwood Court and enjoy every minute I spend here. From the first time I met Elaine, Gemma and the team I felt so welcome and included. Very quickly it became clear to me that the team here are a capable, united, and very willing. Everyone I’ve worked with on my shifts has been enthusiastic and supportive of me learning my way around the service and I have never felt lost, excluded or not part of the shift I was working. The team’s knowledge of Gemma and Elaine is amazing and this is reflected in how they both are supported.

“Something else that I could see very quickly was that Gemma and Elaine’s lives were planned first, then their care needs fitted in, instead of the other way around. This happens every single day - it is second nature to everyone, it is the norm.

“The team at Blackwood Court are an extraordinary example of how a service should be run and how care can be person-centred, passionate, and committed. The team are so enthusiastic and ensure that the people we support have the highest level of care and their needs are always met, but at the same time push the boundaries to help the people we support live fulfilled, valued and exciting lives. I am very thankful for the team’s warm welcome, guidance and support because I find myself in a team that I feel very proud to be a part of.”

Congratulations to the team!