Shared Lives carers offer a safe, secure and stimulating family environment for the supported person within their home where they are included as part of their family and community which, in many cases, can lead to the individual naturally becoming a permanent part of a supportive family or for others a regular visitor.

The service provides day support, short breaks, transitional and long-term placements to individuals from 16yrs and over and can support a wide range of disabilities, conditions and other support needs. This includes people with learning disabilities, mental health issues, older adults and young people being supported to independent living.

Every placement is unique, and the matching process ensures that the support provided is tailored to meet the individual needs and wishes whilst creating a natural and supportive family environment.

All Shared Lives carers are assessed, trained and approved to offer this support and the Shared Lives Team monitor and oversee each arrangement to ensure the care and support is appropriate, effective and meaningful.

Meet Some of our Carers

Donna and Dave

“When the young person we support was chatting to her friends and referred to our home as her home, I was so excited and couldn’t stop smiling the whole day.”

Hear from Donna and Dave as they talk about their journey to becoming Shared Lives Carers. They explain the positive impact caring has had on their lives, and on the life of the person who they support.

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Patricia and Alistair

More information on becoming a carer can be found here.

Or contact us at [email protected] or on 0300 131 3333.

Reports and resources.

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